I have lots of ideas, they aren’t always good ideas, but they are ideas none the less.

No one can accuse me of not being proactive in the Idea Department. One such instance of my proactivity¹ came following my engagement to Stephanie.

“How about a Back to the Future themed wedding?” I said, with tented fingers, wild eyes, and a geek-drenched crescendo.

Back to the Future poster.

Image © original source. Image via Wikipedia.

“What?” Stephanie asked, stealing a rare moment away from gazing upon her Precious engagement ring². “What would that even be like?”

Since I was the one who popped the question (no doubt proving Mom wrong in the process), I had prepared a presentation about said Back to the Future wedding, complete with a slide show and accompanying 8 x 10 glossy handouts.

Here is but a sample:

Groom – Marty (with or without the crazy multicolor hat he wore in Back to the Future II)

back to the future ii 2015 marty hat

I think that line from Firefly about hats applies here too. Image via ThinkGeek.

Bride – Jennifer (both in 80s gear)

Person Doing the Marrying – Doc (or Save the Clock Tower Lady, complete with donation can)

Best Man – George McFly (in Enchantment Under the Sea gear)

– One dressed as ’50s Biff, the rest, if any, dressed as Biff’s gang, or Old Biff, Millionaire Biff, Griff Tannen and/or Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen.

Maid of Honor –  Loraine McFly (in Enchantment Under the Sea gear)

Bridal Party
– Loraine’s friends (girls in poodle skirts, or whatever)

Ringer Bearer – A dog, who ideally looks like Einstein. Or a toy version of the Back to the Future Delorean.

toy delorean back to the future

Alternate ring bearer. Image via ThinkGeek.

Stephanie’s response to this, after a lengthy bit of silence as she no doubt reflected on her choice to say “Yes!”, was “Could it be Marty and Loraine as the couple? Loraine has a better costume than Jennifer. ”

I threw up my hands and replied, “What?! Marty would be marrying his mom! I’m willing to compromise on George McFly and Loraine, but Marty and Loraine is just crazy.”

Stephanie, bless her, spent a good six seconds pondering my idea, and delivered a detailed counter-argument: “No.”

Oh well. There is always my idea for a Up themed couples costume.

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¹ I don’t care if that isn’t a real word.

² Yes, with real diamonds.

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