Ah, the unicorn. That most majestic of animals, save for perhaps the platypus.

Legend has it, a unicorn’s horn holds many magical powers and the beast can only be captured with the aid of a virgin–by coaxing a unicorn to lay its magical head in (historically) her lap.

There is nothing at all Freudian about that concept, right?

Although, my Beast Master’s Guide insists unicorns predate Sigmund Freud by at least ten years. So, rather than being Freudian, the idea of a beast with a long horn being trapped by a comely virgin is just plain o’ metaphorical.

Or is it allegorical?

Regardless of whatever -orical it might be, if one wishes to festoon themselves with the likeness of a unicorn this Halloween, Amazon has several options.

And they are all crazy. Crazy, AMAZING

inflatable unicorn horn costume on amazon.

Forget the horn, can I buy that sweater? Image via Amazon and © original source.

For starters, we have this inflatable unicorn horn. What red-blooded young man wouldn’t want one of these affixed to their cranium? It claims to be 11” long when inflated. I’ll let you write your own joke there, but for the sake of the children, church it up.

Ladies, if you are feeling left out, well fear not. Amazon has not forsaken you.

latext unicorn womans halloween costume on amazon

She must be very popular. Image via Amazon and © original source.

How about a nice, super-hip latex unicorn horn this Halloween? It even comes with make-up suggestions! You will be happy to know, this horn comes pre-painted. Finally. And after all those nights I spent at home painting my own horn.


Moving on.

If you are more of a mask fan (the kind you wear, not the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand toys²), check out this unicorn mask.

unicorn horse face mask for halloween on amazon.

Due to budget cuts, these will be used in Legend II: Legends of Legend, instead of CGI. Image via Amazon and © original source.

Sorry for the small photo. But, near as I can figure, it is a sister-mask to the infamous horse head mask that became an Internet darling some time ago.

latext horse head mask for halloween on amazon

Saddle not included. Image via Amazon and © original source.

So, just picture this, but all white, with a long horn glued ‘tween the eyes. My favorite part of the unicorn mask? The product description lists it as ‘Vaguely disturbing.’ Word, brah. Word.

Last, but never least, don’t forget about your favorite furball this Halloween. No, not me. I mean the family cat. Yes. There is an inflatable unicorn horn for your cat. Oh my, yes.

inflatable halloween unicorn horn for a cat.

We are not amused. Image via Amazon and © original source.

As the box says, ‘Cats love it!’ and the model photo would not suggest otherwise.

There you have it. If you wish to dress as a unicorn, or perhaps even Uni-Baby from Axe Cop, Amazon has options. I’m not saying these options will let you stay at most Halloween parties, but they will certainly get people talking.

Especially if you show up carrying a unicat. Now that’s my kind of party.

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¹ Unrelated, but I can’t remember if I took my pills this morning.
² Yep. That is Command with a K.

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