Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so you better be ready to look the part.

For those who need a festive shot in the arm, or a way to scare away annoying relatives, Amazon has a slew of Thanksgiving appropriate costumes. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than lacking a Thanksgiving costume (except, perhaps, for owning one).

adult Pilgrim parade costume on Amazon.

Reminds me of something I saw after eating a can of four-year old cranberry sauce. Image via Amazon and © original source.

As the lead photo shows, one can don the likeness of a Thanksgiving elf and scar children for life. Yes, the Pilgrim Parade Pleaser will get you into the Thanksgiving spirit, although it might cause eating challenges and prompt folks to ask about your pot of gold and/or access to firearms.

Pilgrim and/or witch costume shoe buckles on amazon.

Heck, just tape ’em to yer feet. Image via Amazon and © original source.

Don’t want to shell out the cash for a pair of official pilgrim shoes? No worries, just pick up a set of Pilgrim Shoe Buckles. Shake things up and use them with your favorite pair of Chucks, pumps, or Uggs. Think outside the box, and that being said, at the end of the day use more clichés. The best part? According to the product description, these shoe buckles can also be used for a witch costume. Now, that’s smart shopping.

pilgrim costume adult thanksgiving t-shirt on Amazon.

I honestly think this is great. Image via Amazon and © original source.

If you want to get your pilgrim on in the casual style (or cas as the fashion blogosphere says), there is this heir apparent to the tuxedo t-shirt—the pilgrim costume t-shirt. Look stylish while you Instagram your Thanksgiving dinner. Just be careful which filter you use on the cranberry sauce. Remember kids: with many filters come many responsibilities.

adult turkey thankgiving costume on amazon.

I wanted to write a joke about ‘give them the bird,’ but I’m too tired. Image via Amazon and © original source.

Speaking of dinner, if you wish to dress up as dinner, then look no further. Just climb inside this fleece turkey costume for a bit of meal cosplay (…mosplay?). This is one way to make sure you get the kids’ table to yourself this year, which is every thirtysomething’s dream.


infant thanksgiving turkey costume on Amazon.

At least it isn’t a sailor suit. Image via Amazon and © original source.

There’s no reason adults should have all the fun either. Amuse the Jonathan Swift fans in your family by dressing your little one in an infant turkey costume. Give the English majors in your family something to blog about besides the Oxford comma.

turkey ref thanksgiving hat on amazon.

I have one question: does the whistle work? Image via Amazon and © original source.

If your Thanksgiving dinners are anything like my family’s, then you need someone to referee (and someone to mop up the blood). Let everyone know who is in charge with this referee turkey hat. Try not to think about where your head goes though. Dignity sold separately.

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