Both of my regular visitors may have noticed a few changes. After reading a few articles on, surprise, readability and blog layouts, I decided to shake things up.

snake photo by daniel j hogan

Like a snake with new skin. Photo by me.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because I am a frequent website tinkerer: my websites are never ‘done.’

I wanted to switch to a single sidebar layout on the right hand side, but if I did, I would have to make all my comics smaller (the overall width drops about 200 pixels).

Eh. Pass. I didn’t feel like having to resize and replace all of my existing strips.

Stuck with three columns, I just shifted them all to the right. The important stuff went in the first, with the second sidebar being reserved for ads and such.

I’m no expert on design, coding, and/or SEO. I just pick things up as needed, like a kind of blogging Katamari. For example, I read an article saying the issue with three column blogs is the left sidebar is loaded before the content. Hence shifting everything to the right.

I taught myself some more basic CSS and fixed a few of the website’s quirks. I couldn’t stand how the ‘recent posts’ and such looked: the entries were too close together. With a bit of digging, Google, and Firebug, I learned how to tweak my ‘list’ settings.

I also didn’t care for how my paragraphs looked. I wanted the text a hair larger and more space between lines. I played around on W3Schools and eventually figured out what I had to change. I even came across a site that suggests line-width and font sizes based on your blog’s width.

Bingo, dino DNA increased readability (I hope).

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