Last week, I showed how I made a gingerbread trailer (by which I mean a graham cracker trailer. I’m not a member of the country club, y’know. Or even the coffee club).

christmas gingerbread TARDIS by Daniel J. Hogan

This season, the Doctor is rather short…ON TIME. I’m sorry D: Photo by me.

If you want to impress the Doctor Who geeks in your family, try making a gingerbread TARDIS (again, graham cracker, but that doesn’t sound as cool). For you Normals: A TARDIS is Doctor Who’s blue Police Box time machine/spaceship.

Two years ago, my gingerbread trailer caused plenty of confusion. This meant I had to play it safe with my Christmas decoration the second time around. My idea of playing it safe? Making a gingerbread house inspired by Doctor Who. Stephanie liked the idea, which is all I really care about anyway.

After making my ‘box shape,’ I searched through buckets and boxes of Clinton Administration-era candy for anything blue or white.

Securing the blue and white candies to the ‘box’ was a challenge at first, but once the frosting set, things got a bit easier. I needed a sign though, otherwise my creation would look like the Smurf version of the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith.

Stephanie came to my rescue and wrote Police Box on a piece of candy for me (she has the better handwriting after all). Even with the sign in place, I felt like the TARDIS was missing something.

Then I remembered the ‘people’ I added to my gingerbread trailer the previous year (see photo below).

gingerbread christmas trailer candy people

They met on CandyMatch. It was a darling wedding. Photo by me.

This time around, I found a tiny candy man for my Doctor. I added a candy bow tie and fez to complete my 11th Doctor’s ensemble (again, I had help from Stephanie here. She drew the tassel on the fez).
[video link]

While on my creative Tootsie roll, and I decided to make a Dalek. This was actually pretty easy, as it only took a few gumdrops and other candies. For the Dalek’s eye stalk and arms, I cut up a sucker stick.

The snowman, however, is just meant to be a snowman, because I don’t think a snowman would make a great companion for the Doctor. Wouldn’t he just melt inside the TARDIS? Or if not there, he probably would the first time the Doctor visits a hot planet, someplace probably called Lavatran Prime:

Frosty: “Doctor, I don’t feel so well.”
The Doctor: “Just a moment, Frosty.”
[Doctor readies his peppermint Sonic Screwdriver]
The Doctor: “I must realign this naughtino field, or else the Coalsters will wreck certain havoc in the gingersphere. And we can’t have that, can we? Lavatran Prime is so nice this time of year.”
[Doctor activates peppermint Sonic Screwdriver]
[Frosty melts]

As for what I will make this year, I don’t know. I would like to make another geeky gingerbread creation—as long as it has the shape of a square or rectangle.

Or, I could just use different colors and make the phone booth from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which looks nothing at all like a TARDIS.

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