Believe it or not, I get paid to write from time to time. Yes, I’m always surprised when this occurs–and thankful, because I have a cat to feed. My latest freelance piece was an interview with Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics for Lansing Capital Gains.

ryan claytor photo by Dave Trumpie

Ryan Claytor. Photo © Dave Trumpie of Trumpie Photography.

I chatted with Ryan about moving to the Lansing area from California, and teaching classes on comics at Michigan State University. Ryan began publishing his And Then One Day comics in 2004. If his name sounds familiar to both of my regular readers, Ryan is Director of the MSU Comics Forum.

Freelance jobs are great, but they are even better when I can write about some of my favorite subjects. Here’s a list of my other feature articles for Lansing Capital Gains.

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