Michigan’s own Jeremy Bastian has a signing tonight at the Eastwood Towne Centre Schuler Books. Jeremy Bastian will be signing hardcover collections of his comic, Cursed Pirate Girl.

Jeremy Bastian cursed pirate girl hardcover

Image via Schuler Books. © original source.

If you have never read the Cursed Pirate Girl series by Jeremy Bastian—DO IT NOW. Jeremy Bastian has amazing, gorgeous work and it is super-detailed. This hardcover looks great (I saw a few the other day), and is worth every cent. Cursed Pirate Girl follows the titular heroine on her Alice in Wonderland-like adventures on the high seas, and features plenty of interesting characters. I bought a similar collection a few years ago and I devoured every page. I can only imagine how long each page takes–the amount of detail is breath-taking. For those wanting to introduce young-adult readers to comics, Cursed Pirate Girl is a great choice, as it pretty kid friendly.

If you are free tonight, swing by Schuler Books in Eastwood Towne Centre (2820 Towne Center Blvd, Lansing, MI 48912) and pick up a copy. You might want to pick up a magnifying glass while you’re at it, so you can really appreciate the teeny, tiny details Jeremy Bastian puts in his comics.

The fun starts at 7:00 PM. I plan on swinging by, so say hello if you spot me in line (I won’t let you cut though, sorry).

If you live in the Lansing area, make sure to check out the Schuler Books event calendar. They always have great events going on, especially the Eastwood store.

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