Today on the Friday Six: Girl Talk, my lack of pop music knowledge, the new season of Venture Brothers, color change, CommentLuv, and Man of Steel.

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And seven is RIGHT OUT

[ ] For me, the Girl Talk albums are like the Reader’s Digest of hip-hop, rap, and pop music: songs distilled down to their best parts and mixed together.  A single song lets me catch up on years of popular music—an entire album is like a university course in What’s Happening (the concept, not the TV show).

[ ] Speaking of popular music, I made a notable mix-up the other day. While walking past the Lugnuts’ stadium in downtown Lansing with Stephanie, I guessed at the music playing.

Me: “Is this Rihanna?”

Stephanie (after a long, concerned stare): “This is Justin Bieber.”


The song in question was Beauty And A Beat. I wonder if this is better or worse than the time I confused Adele with Lana Del Rey.

[ ] Season Five of Venture Bros. started this month, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the Venture Bros. brand of crazy. If anyone is feeling generous and wants to buy me a few seasons from my Amazon Wish List, by all means go for it.

[ ] Both of my regular visitors might have noticed a slight style change with I decided to tweak the link colors, going from a dull red to a dull blue (an easy CSS fix to ye olde style sheet).

I also installed the CommentLuv plugin (for now). Just the free version, I’ll think about upgrading to the premium version later. CommentLuv shows a commenter’s latest website post, which is pretty neat. I get traffic from other sites using this plugin, so I thought I would give it a try.

[ ] I’m always trying to improve my writing, so this list of Words Writer Should Delete is handy. I try to keep these in mind when writing first drafts of posts (or anything), but I do a search for the words during the last edit and cut cut cut.

[ ] Are you going to see Man of Steel this weekend? I’m interested in the film, but I’m not ‘gotta see it at Midnight!’ interested. I am curious to see what director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) did while under Christopher Nolan’s (Dark Knight trilogy) watch. My only hope is Man of Steel makes me care about Superman. He’s not my favorite superhero to begin with, so it’ll take a good story to sway me.

Still, it can’t be any worse than Superman III, right?¹

[ ]
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¹. However, Superman III is still entertaining, even if it is CRAZY.

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