Not doing much today, but I am keeping busy. HA. I’ll try to get outside at some point, but a busy week like this past week means spending some time working on a Saturday. And probably Sunday.

t square lettering guide comic

Keeping things STRAIGHT. Photo by me.

The blue lines didn’t show up as well as I hoped in the photo, but there are six panels laid out–including spots for text. This is for Monday’s comic (June 24th). It is about CATS. Shown here are some of the best comic making investments I made in the past few months: my T-square, my Ames Lettering Guide, Bristol board, and my Universal Pencil Lengthener.

Yes, laugh at the name, but my pencil lengthener is super handy. My blue pencils aren’t cheap, and my big hands cramp up while trying to hold short pencils. The ‘UPL’ makes holding short pencils easier, and I get more use from my fancy pencils.

Although it does result in friends teasing me with “Are you stealing pencils from golf courses?”

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