While working on thank you cards for last weekend’s wedding shower, I noticed I picked an amusing name for the Photoshop file:

thank you master

Come crawling faster, and so on.

Yes, “Thank You MASTER.” Hilarious. It being the 4th of July only adds to the hilarity, at least for me. But then, I have a weird sense of humor.It also makes me want to crank Metallica’s Master Of Puppets, too.

I finished the thank you cards though–Steph wanted me to draw them, like I did the save the dates and the wedding invitations.

I need to put all of those finished images here, I may as well show everyone else all the work I put in–after we mail the thank you cards though.

Speaking of the Fourth of July, ThinkGeek has a 4th of July Sale right now until July 7th. You get 20% off when you spend $40 or more. Load up on some geek stuff for the summer, and help me pay the bills.

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