I enjoy hand lettering my comics, here’s a teaser of next week’s comic strip. It features the return of a fun character, Guilt Trip Ghost.

lettering comic

“Gho? Who is this Gho?” Photo by me.

Yes, behold the many lines drawn with my trusty AMES Lettering Guide.

AMES lettering guide.

Line ‘em up! Image via Amazon.

The lines are handier for lettering word/thought balloons, but they help with larger text too. You slide the lettering guide along a t-square, with a pencil in one of the holes, and it helps keep equal space between the lines. I use a mechanical pencil for the lines, and I ink with various pens (Microns, Pitt, and Copic Multiliners). I use the Microns and Pitt pens for the lines and small details, and I use the Copic brush pens for the fills.

pitt artist pen amazon

Pitt Artist Pens. Image via Amazon.

You’ll see the final version this Monday, so don’t forget to come back. ::shakes fist::

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