Today on the Friday Six: Boss Monster, Pacific Rim on DVD/Blu-Ray, Scenes From a Multiverse ebook, a comic about making comics, Indie Game: The Movie, and I miss Homestar Runner.

[ ] Geek Thing of the Week: Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon card game.

boss monster

Fireflowers not included. Image via Amazon.

I love Boss Monster. I contributed to Boss Monster’s Kickstarter campaign months ago, and I keep meaning to write a post about the game (as an original backer, I scored some neato extras). As the cover art shows, Boss Monster is video game inspired—specifically by the side-scrolling games of my youth. Each player is a level boss, like in a video game, and they use cards to build a dungeon (or level) in hopes of killing off ‘hero’ characters for points.

Boss Monster is a lot of fun—and once you get the rules down, it can move very fast. Games can be pretty cut throat too, with the tides quickly turning—as I learned last night ::shakes fist::. I nearly won. NEARLY.

[ ] Elbow Rocket! Pacific Rim is available on Blu-Ray and DVD now.

pacific rim blu ray dvd

Note: not a Go-Bot. Image via Amazon.

As you might recall, I really enjoyed the film.

[ ] Speaking of giant robots: I bought the first Scenes From a Multiverse ebook by Jonathan Rosenberg this week (save $2 with this link). The ebook collection is gorgeous, and has over 100 pages of comics.

This book is the first Scenes From A Multiverse collection ever! With more than five full-color comics to treasure and cherish and someday bequeath to your heirs, SFAM Vol. 1 will literally tear you a new one, several inches to the left of the original one. Contains bunnies, giant robots and measurable quantities of spite.

If you like biting satire mixed with sci-fi, give Scenes From a Multiverse a read.

[ ] A Comic About Making Comics: This is making the rounds, and for good reason, but here’s a comic about making comics by Spike. The ending bit echos my motto when I decided to start making comics:

  “Practice, produce, and put yourself out there. Give it a few years and find your fans.”

Plenty of great advice in this comic, give it a read.

[ ] Level up! Speaking of video games and independent artists, I watched Indie Game: The Movie this week.

Indie game the movie dvd blu ray

Press Start. Image via Amazon.

Highly recommended (it is on Netflix). Indie Game: The Movie is a very well made documentary about several independent video game developers. Even if you aren’t interested in video game development, it is worth a watch for any creative type.

[ ] And another thing: I miss Homestar Runner. The cartoons were on my mind a lot this week, while I brain stormed ideas for a Halloween comic. I always enjoyed the Homestar Runner Halloween shorts—especially seeing the characters in costume.

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