Sharp-eyed visitors probably noticed the buttons and links for my Society6 store. Yes, you can buy prints of (select) Clattertron comic strips and of some of my photos.

clattertron society6 store

Buy Clattertron prints and merch thru my Society6 shop.

You can also buy merchandise featuring my uploaded comics and prints: coffee mugs, iPhone/iPod skins, phone cases (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy), tote bags, cards, and even pillows! Just pick an image in my Society6 shop, and it will display other items available (not everything is available for each image, sorry).

clattertron coffee mug

Drinking from this mug will make you pretty and smart (results may vary).

Lucky you: Society6 offers free worldwide shipping through this coming Sunday, January 26th.

I’m still in the process of adding stuff to my Society6 store, so keep checking back. I have a couple of ideas for new merch which wouldn’t just be a print of a comic. But, one thing at a time.

Until then, if you want something from my Society6 store, order it before Sunday and save a few bucks on shipping.

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