I always try to carry my trusty field sketch book and pen wherever I go. I’ll sketch stuff I see, or just doodle whatever, sometimes turning the results into comics or blog posts. Like this one! Last night, I decided to sketch some of the birds on my place mat. Exhibit A why You Can’t Take Me Anywhere.

duck drawing

This is why no one likes me.

Practice is practice, so while I never do anything with most of what’s in my sketch book, it helps to draw/write when I can.

Weapons of Choice

My field sketch book of choice is a 4″ x 6″ size, like this. I prefer spiral bound, so I can flip pages over (I’ll write/draw on the back of pages).

pocket field sketch book

I take this sketch book with me everywhere I can. Image via Amazon.

The hardcover helps keep the pages better protected too (the elements, coffee, ninja stars).

My travel pen of choice is a Pilot Precise V5. It is cheap and good quality.

pilot precise v5 pen

Have pen, will sketch. Image via Amazon.

The Pilot Precise is handy for quick sketching and writing–and if I lose it, I’m out maybe a buck or two.

OK, enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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