It appears Amazon branched out when it came to holidays. Sure, anyone can offer special online stores for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even Bruce Campbell‘s birthday. Amazon went to the next level (no, not a special store for Ted Raimi‘s¹ birthday), and now features an April Fool’s Day store—because, Why Not?

Buckle up.

 Leave April Fool’s Day To The Pros

Social media opened the flood gates for amateur hour pranks on April Fool’s Day. Facebook status updates proclaiming ‘I’m pregnant,’ or ‘I lost my job,’ or ‘I have bovine tuberculosis,’ are lazy and, commonplace, and not funny.

If you are going to ‘prank’ the social medias, at least put more than three seconds of thought into the joke. Try taking a selfie with these horse hooves gloves instead.

horse hooves

I had that dream again. Image via Amazon.

Don’t supply any context—because folks love judging out of context photos on Facebook and Twitter. Upload photos of yourself going about your daily routine, all while wearing horse hooves. Or as I like to call it: Wednesday.

Friends in Low Places

Of course, when it comes to horses, there’s always this tiny horse man puppet, which I’m sure you can use for all kinds of equine hijinks on April Fool’s Day.

Horse man puppet

I had that other dream again. Image via Amazon.

Sure, the tiny horse man puppet might look like nightmare fuel, but everything is funnier with a puppet–remember the hilarity of the George W. Bush administration? Dress up like a horse man with a mask of your own, and really freak out the Normals on April Fool’s Day. Or just recreate one of my fever dreams.

Go for the Classics

In a pinch, you can always count on the classics. The fake can of peanuts/jelly beans with a snake inside never gets old.

snake peanut joke can

Snake it easy. Image via Amazon.

Speaking of never getting old, you probably should not use this gag around folks with a heart condition.

 When in Doubt, Dumb Jokes

I always enjoy a dumb joke (as if this website wasn’t a clue). Life is too short not to like a dumb joke from time to time. Case in point, this fish and chips set.

fish and chips joke toy

Seems FISHY. Image via Amazon.

Hahaha. Ooooh man. Classic. Your dad will love this one.

 Prank Me

Of course, pranks are always a fun time (when they aren’t mean, and you don’t burn down your sister’s doll house totally by accident). At a loss for a prank? Get a prank kit.

prank kit on amazon

My Mother’s Day shopping is done. Image via Amazon.

It has all the classics: a Whoopee cushion, a hand buzzer…um…a fart whistle? This prank kit will bring a smile to all on April Fool’s Day, I’m sure, or bring itself to the nearest trash can.

My favorite part however, is this bit of product copy:

 All This For One “GREAT” Price.

Yes, great in quotation marks. Brilliant.

¹ I attended a screening and a Q&A session with Bruce Campbell once (for My Name is Bruce), and he said he likes casting Ted Raimi in his films, because Ted’s acting makes him look subtle. Hilarious.

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