I survived my first out-of-state comic book show. I want to write-up a more detailed recap soon (hopefully for tomorrow, because I pretty much slept all day Monday), but here is a quick run down for now.

  • SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) is a great show. Lots of indie creators. Worth a trip, for sure.
  • I bought a Square Reader, but didn’t need it for any of my sales. However, the register part of the Square app is very handy for recording cash sales (keep records is always a good idea). I plan to write more about Square soon.
  • I didn’t sell any prints or Chocolate Quest comic books, but I did sell sketch cards¹, mini-comics, and stickers.
  • A two-day show like SPACE was a great way to try different layouts with my table. More on this (with photos) soon.
  • I sold a zombie cat sketch.
zombie cat

Tuuuuna. Forgive the smartphone photo.

  • Several folks asked about buying my sketch cards online, so I will look into making them available soon–maybe using a site like storenvy.com. I would sell, and mail, the original cards myself, and they would not be prints (although I may sell prints/merch of a few via my society6 shop).
  • There’s free pinball in Columbus, Ohio, at a place called Podunk’s.
  • I met a few other artists, including Matt Dye. I still need to work on networking (I was super-exhausted on Saturday however).

OK, that is it for now. I’m resting up and going over my notes. Look for another post tomorrow.

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¹ Both sketch cards were of cats (including a recreation of Mr. Pickles from this comic). Along with the zombie cat sketch I sold, I need to bring more cat stuff to sell, apparently.


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