This Saturday, May 3rd 2014, is Free Comic Book Day.

As the name implies, there will be free comic books at participating comic book shops across the country.  Even better, I will be one of a few local comic artists/cartoonists appearing at Clem’s Comics & Games annual Free Comic Book Day event in downtown Lansing.

What is Free Comic Book Day?

New to Free Comic Book Day? Here is a handy video.

[video link]

Time to Draw the Donuts

My shift at Clem’s Comics & Games starts at 8 AM and goes until 11 AM. I might get another shift in the afternoon too. Check out my Twitter feed for last-minute updates.

Clem’s Comics & Games provides the free comic books for visitors, while my cohorts and I in Artist’s Alley will sell our comic wares (sketches, books, merch, and so on). Bonus For Kids: Each artist will offer free sketches for kids. Last year, this meant a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

That’s right, I was a part of the Free Comic Book Day fun last year. That’s me in the plaid. 

free comic book day at clems comics

Back to front: Adam Talley, me (in the plaid), Marc, Sherief. Photo © Cristen Rishell Mushong.

Drawn Together

Clem’s Comics & Games rounded up a great group of artists for Saturday:

Both of my regular readers will remember Ryan Claytor and Jason Struz from my trip to the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) earlier in the month.

What I’m Selling on Free Comic Book Day

  • Watercolor Sketch cards

  • Random Sketches

  • Chocolate Quest comic books

  • Mini-Comics

  • Prints

  • Stickers

  • Crazy

So, everything I sold at SPACE. If any those items perk your interest, make sure to visit. I will probably be willing to trade something for coffee and/or snacks too. HINT

Draw, Drawer

Next, I must research what The Kids are into these days and practice sketches. If I recall correctly, some of the free sketches I drew last year (aside from Sonic the Hedgehog characters) were:

  • Batman and friends (Joker, Superman, and so on)

  • Spider-Man (all that webbing on his mask, ghghgh)

  • Zombies

  • Wolverine

  • Iron Man

  • Minecraft stuff

  • The Hulk

  • Transformers

  • Regular Show

  • Adventure Time

free comic book day sketch cards

Two of about a bazillion cards I drew on Free Comic Book Day last year.

To help prepare for sketches on Free Comic Book Day last year, I drew up a character ‘cheat sheet’ ahead of time. I figured out a look for some of the characters in my style earlier in the week and used the sheet as a quick reference on Saturday (and there’s no reason I can’t crank out a few sketches before Saturday too).

Nothing like writing a blog post about last year to remind me what I actually did last year.

Don’t Forget: I will be at Clem’s Comics & Games starting at 8 AM and I will be there until 11 AM (and hopefully longer).

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