This has been on my ‘blog about’ list since May, but: the comic Punching the Clock (by Rob Humphrey and Jeff Manley) released its latest collection which includes the guest pin-up I drew for the Punching the Clock website several months ago.

punching the clock closing time

Punching the Clock: Closing Time. Image via Amazon.

I got my copy from Rob back at Cherry Capital Comic Con in May, which was a nice surprise, because I forget I was getting a book. Hooray!

This also means I now have a published cartoon/comic in a book, which I didn’t even think about until just now. Pretty neat. Sure, it’s just a one-panel thing, but a publishing credit is a publishing credit.

Here’s a photo of my pin-up in the book.

punching the clock hogan

Thank you, Thing.

And here’s a bigger image of my pin-up.

punching the clock pin-up


It’s always fun to help pals out, and fun to push my drawing boundaries (in this case, coming up with a drawing using Rob and Jeff’s characters and a gag which fit the theme of the comic).

You can buy several of Jeff’s comic books on Amazon, and I recommend giving them a look, because he’s an amazing cartoonist. Volumes One and Two of Punching the Clock are also available on Amazon if you want even more of Rob’s hilarious writing and Jeff’s cartooning.

Of course, you can always start at the beginning on their website (recommended, because as someone who worked retail, it is spot-on hilarious).

Thanks to Rob and Jeff for letting me be a part of their book!

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