Last week’s comic showed Guy making a playlist for a road trip with No Filter Fox, which was only Love Shack by the B-52’s 97 times. As you will see, the final comic ended up a bit different from what I originally wrote and sketched out.

(extra reading: making changes is something I talked about in last week’s newsletter)

Here’s a photo of my original script and sketches.


Such great line work.

If you will allow me to translate the flurry of pen strokes, you can see I originally featured HB in the comic (with him driving and Guy in the back seat). I also drew everyone, including No Filter Fox, happily singing along in the final panel—at first.

Then, I decided a) HB didn’t really need to be there and b) an unhappy No Filter Fox for a funnier drawing.

You can barely see I drew over No Filter Fox’s smiling with a distraught grumpy face and added claw marks on the dashboard after I decided on this change.


Original in blue, changes in red.

I drew the panel layout too, which I tweaked a bit in the final comic by adding the 247 Minutes Later break between panels 3 and 4.

I also drew the (then) trio singing “Knock a little louder, sugar!” but changed it to “Funky little shack! Funky little shack!” Mainly because funky is a funnier word, and repetition is always funny (sure).

Here’s a smaller version of the final comic (clicking it links to the full size version).


final version.

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