If you didn’t know, Star Wars returns to theaters this December with a new film. I don’t know how you couldn’t know, what with all Force Fridays and people complaining about lightsaber hilts.

Halloween, also if you didn’t know, is next month which means it is time to embarrass dress up our four-legged friends. Amazon features plenty of…interesting…pet costumes for Halloween. Why not go the Star Wars route when it comes to picking a Halloween costume for your dog or cat? (Images link to the item on Amazon)

Bantha Tracks

bantha dog costume

Not to scale. Image via Amazon.

Dressing your dog up like a Star Wars character is great and all, but nothing beats using your pet to recreate a special effect from one of the films. In the first Star Wars film, the special effects crew dressed up elephants to play banthas, the mounts of the sand people.

My elephant ran away, so a dog is the next best thing thanks to this Star Wars Bantha dog costume. There’s even a tiny sand person so other folks don’t think the dog is a goat! Or ram. Yes, ram.

All Terrain Dog Transport?

atat dog halloween costume

I bet it moves faster than the real thing. Image via Amazon.

Organic mounts are so yesterday. It’s all mechanical these days, son. Dress your dog up as one of the most beloved Star Wars special effects ever: an AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. Just make sure to watch out for tow-cables (or leashes).


r2d2 dog costume

I hope it doesn’t have a bad motivator. Image via Amazon.

Speaking of mechanical, who doesn’t want a robot dog? I’m not talking Dynomutt here, but an R2-D2 Star Wars Halloween Costume for your dog. Just don’t ask where it hides Luke’s lightsaber.

Han’s Best Friend

chewbacca dog costume

He could use a good kiss. Image via Amazon.

Now any dog (or maybe even small child) can be your Wookiee co-pilot with this Star Wars Chewbacca Dog Hoodie. I love the concept of this costume: “Y’know what, dogs aren’t fuzzy enough. Let’s dress one up as a Wookiee.” Further reading: Wookiees are a favorite topic of discussion in our home.

Buns of Fun

princess leia star wars cat costume

Sure, why not? Image via Amazon.

Rounding out our galaxy of Star Wars Halloween pet costumes is this darling…uh…wig-thing. Fulfill your cat’s [nightmare dream of dressing up as Princess Leia with this Star Wars hair bun wig-thing. Just watch out for those fully operational cat claws.

If buns aren’t your thing, you can always go a different route when dressing your cat up like Princess Leia.

cat slave leia star wars costume

Nope. Image via Amazon.

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