Nothing like the impending insanity of Black Friday to remind me, “Oh yeah, I should get my coloring book in my Etsy shop.”

coloring book cats etsy

Stephanie colored this page.

So, have at it. My coloring book is for sale now, while they last (there are five available, but I can probably add a few more after those sell out).

There are a few sample pages to view in the Etsy listing, and there are 12 pictures total for your coloring pleasure. Each coloring book you buy through my Etsy shop (or watercolor cartoon) comes with a free mini-comic and sticker (while they last, and my choice based on what I have available).

Please visit my Etsy shop now!

Behind the scenes trivia: Stephanie actually used Prismacolor colored pencils to color the page above, not crayons as my photo shows.

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