I always try to skim the Amazon Today’s Deals, because you never know when a) I’ll get a good deal on lime-flavored cocktail swords or b) find something funny.

Yesterday was a b day. Sadly. Still holding out hope for some  lime-flavored cocktail swords.

Behold this beauty.

cut resistant gloves

Wait. WAIT.

I will admit I’m due for some new glasses, but there’s something off here.

Ah, yes.



I could use a ghost chef. Or any chef, really. How many years did Ghost Chef spend at Ghost Culinary school, I wonder? One hundred? Because Ghost Chef is a ghost and time is an abstraction which Ghost Chef no longer cares about, semesters could last centuries.

Maybe. Maybe.

The page claims to be for a pair of cut resistant kitchen gloves, but you can’t fool me. I know a ghost when I see one. Or don’t see one, I guess.

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