It’s Friday, so get ready for what’s on my mind (or things I want to share), in a particular order.

Before I start, a reminder it is April Fool’s Day, so beware of amateur hour on social media (ex: dead, fired, sick, pregnant).

[ ] I picked up this Disney Imagineering Workout book during my trip to Walt Disney World earlier in the month (specifically, inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

disney imagineering workout

Creative stuff inside.

As the cover says, it’s full of “Exercises to Shape Your Creative Muscles.” I’m not very far in yet, but I like what I’ve read so far. It’s not a “here are creative secrets of the universe” book but a “here’s exercises you can do to shape the way you think creatively” book. So there’s some work required on your part.

[ ] Stephanie and I started watching The Muppets show (the new one on ABC), and I love every episode so far (we are nearly finished with the first season). I really enjoy it’s weird, irreverent humor (no surprise there). There’s some amazingly sharp writing and the Muppet performances are always great.

[ ] Uncle Deadly and Big Mean Carl are my new favorite Muppets.

[ ] Tapastic, a website for hosting comics, has this handy comic explaining rethinking comics with mobile devices in mind. Clattertron is on Tapastic now, and I’ll have a more detailed blog post about this soon.

[ ] I have my first Patreon patron! Hooray! One down, a million to go, right? RIGHT? I added a new goal for my Patreon page too: if I get to $125 per month, every patron ($1/month and up) gets a free PDF of my novel, The Magic of Eyri.

[ ] This Gilbert Gottfried podcast with Dick Van Dyke is recommended listening. Yes, he’s still alive. He sure doesn’t sound 90 years old.

clattertron patreon page

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