May is always a busy month, and this year was no exception: Free Comic Book Day, my first time at Motor City Comic Con, and my third trip to Cherry Capital Comic Con in Traverse City, Michigan.

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cat robot hogan

Cartoon commission. “Cute, insecure, cat, robot.”

This year at Cherry Capital Comic Con was my best yet. I had a few return customers from the past couple of years, which is always nice, and I cranked out a record amount of cartoon commissions (tiring out my hand in the process). 


The short “preview night” was Friday, which is always a gamble. I had a single sale, but in years past I’ve had more. The upside to arriving on Friday is I get all of my set-up finished and don’t have to do it Saturday morning. Plus there was the Drink and Draw event held in the resort after the preview night wrapped up.

hogan random cartoon

Random cartoon commission.

The downside to arriving on Friday is paying for another night at the resort, and the traffic at the preview night being a big question mark each year.

hogan scifi duck cartoon

Random Cartoon commission.


The big day! And a busy day too. I cranked out a lot of cartoon commissions throughout the morning and afternoon. I got to see some of the aforementioned returning customers again.

cherry sci fi hogan

Random Cartoon commission for a Doctor Who fan.

The highlight was Saturday night however, at the karaoke competition. Lots of fun, and silly songs. I really enjoyed all the post-show events held at the resort this year, it made it easy to hang out with everyone and partake in the good times.

iron man turtle cartoon hogan

Cartoon commission. “Iron Man turtle.”


Sunday went pretty well. Like I said, I beat the last two years. I can happily say I sold out of my 11×17 Big Monster prints, so those are gone now (you can still buy one online, however).

cherry captial comic con hogan

Random watercolor Cartoon.

Cherry Capital Comic Con continues to be a fun show, and it keeps getting better. I might need to limit how many days I actually stay at the resort, however. It is by far the most expensive show for me to attend (three nights at a resort really racks up the expenses, compared to other shows where I stay one night at a hotel or don’t stay at all). I went into more detail about this on Patreon.

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