I sat down and chatted with a Lansing podcast recently: 2nd Brain Collective. The show’s hosts (Ash Harris, Courtney Maki, and Paul Schmidt) talk with Lansing, Michigan area guests about “business and marketing in the digital age.”

daniel j hogan 2nd brain podcast

So fancy.

During my interview, I talked about how I got into comics, my comic making process, marketing and advertising, and finally using Patreon.

I also give a lengthy rundown of online comics which inspired me, and those I enjoy reading.

It’s a fun quick chat about all the crazy things I do here, so give it a listen.

As someone who hosted a talk show podcast for a few years (Ginger and the Geek), it’s fun to be on the other side of the microphone (see also: my appearances on Montreal Sauce and Film Frown). The funny thing is, 2nd Brain Collective records its show in the old Ginger and the Geek space at the Lansing Public Media Center. It brought back a lot of memories.

I miss doing a podcast at times, but I don’t miss all the work involved with a weekly talk show (mainly finding guests each week). This is why I don’t mind being a guest on other podcasts: all the fun, none of the work (ha). Thanks again to 2nd Brain Collective for having me on the show!

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