I have a table at Capital City Comic Con this Saturday. Come visit me, and a bunch of other artists, in artist alley on Saturday, August 27, 10 AM to 7 PM.

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Image via Capital City Comic Con website.

Where is Capital City Comic Con?

This year’s Capital City Comic Con is at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, Michigan, on the campus of Michigan State University. The Breslin Center is usually where unpaid college sports interns do things with balls and nets, but on Saturday the people there make money for a change (hopefully. Please buy all my things. I have a house to feed now).

How Much Are Tickets to Capital City Comic Con?

Tickets at the door are $12 and children under 5 are free. You might still be able to get presale tickets for $10 if you act fast.

What Am I Selling at Capital City Comic Con?

I’ll have my 2016 coloring book for sale, along with original artwork and my usual cartoon offerings (prints, stickers, commissions). Stop on by if you can! If the enthusiastic crowd at last year’s Capital City Comic Con was any indication, this should be a really good show.

It feels a bit weird to promote my comics while I’m still “on a break” while working on my new comics. But, I plan on starting up my new comics soon–I have the first four pages finished, and I’m already working on the next four. I would like to start in early September, but I would like having an 8-week buffer more. My new comics are bigger and more story driven, so there is more work involved.¹ A two-month buffer would definitely make things easier (yes, I’m still only doing one a week).

¹ But, in some ways these new comics are easier, because I already know, more or less, where the story is going. I’m not coming up with something totally new each week, as I did for the past four years. I think once I get in the groove, making these comics will go faster.

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