resident evil 4 rocket launcher

Fitting a rocket launcher in a case makes total sense.

I don’t know if my nerves can take much more of Resident Evil 4. It’s been a long time since a video game caused such reactions in me (panic, fear). Maybe the last game to do this was The Last of Us (a similar game, so this makes sense).

Resident Evil 4 Sound Design

As I wrote earlier, Resident Evil 4 excels in its use of sound effects and music to create atmosphere. Different enemies and scenes have their own creepy music and sound effects. It is meant to distract you, and up the tension.

It got to the point in the water room where I had to mute the sound. I could not focus, because the music (a chant of sorts), kept me on edge. After several failed attempts with the sound on, I got through the first time with the sound off.

Out Come the Wolves

As I reached the garden maze, I had another flashback. “Oh no…not this again,” I thought. I didn’t remember exactly what lurked in the maze, but I knew it was something I hated.

The game did not waste time in reminding me what it was I hated in the garden maze: the infected wolves, called Colmillos (“fangs”).

Those things, man. Ugh. Not only are they creepy with their growling and footsteps sound effects, they are fast and nasty. It is difficult to tell where the sound is coming from in the maze, which adds to the tension.

Then: a wolf jumps out at you, with crazy tendrils whipping out of its back.

So far in the game, I sometimes replay a section over if I’m not too happy with how I did (used too much ammo or health items). Once I finished the garden maze I decided, NOPE. I’m done. Moving on.

Invisible Enemies

Resident Evil 4 continues to throw curve balls. The latest? Invisible enemies. Bug things that can blend into the background, like in the movie Predator.

There are clues, of course. The invisible bug baddies give off puffs of breath (or something) and make noise. Adding to the insanity of this scene is yet another creepy score.

Honestly though, I will take the invisible bug things over the wolves, any day.


Losing Your Head

Some of the cultist have a creature grow out of a destroyed head. Gross. And annoying. But wait: now some of the creatures will detach from the body and scurry after Leon like a facehugger in the Alien film series. This game keeps getting creepier by the second.



I sold my bolt-action rifle and went with the semi-auto rifle, and it was a good move I think. The firing speed isn’t much faster, but at least the semi-auto rifle doesn’t drop you out of the aiming view like the bolt-action.

I also bought the next two attaché cases when I could, because Leon needs a bigger fanny pack to hold the free rocket launcher I found near the end of chapter 3-3. 

I could buy the first magnum of the game, the Broken Butterfly, but I know I can get it for free after I get Ashley back (she got taken away after we got through the water room).


What’s Next?

I found Ashley and freed her from the trap, but now it’s the section where I get to control Ashley on her own as she makes her way back to Leon. She doesn’t have any weapons or attacks, other than Hide Under Table, Run, or Hit Creepos With a Lantern. This will go well.

Extra Life

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