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Loaded for zombie bear.

I have reached new territory in Resident Evil 4. Up until now, I was replaying the parts of the game I reached in the past. This week, however, I’m past as far as I ever got in those previous attempts.

Everything is new and scary going forward. Just like when I played Resident Evil 4 the first time around ten years ago.

Make My Day

I found the free Broken Butterfly magnum, which definitely makes tougher enemies easier to handle. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference the ‘only upgrading ammo capacity when a gun is empty’ strategy helped this time around (the Merchant fills up an empty weapon with each ammo upgrade). It’s a must-do tactic when it comes to the Broken Butterfly, because the ammo is very rare.

Good-bye Shotgun, Hello Striker.

I traded in my trusty pump-action shotgun for the Striker shotgun. It is different, that’s for sure (it fires from the hip, not the shoulder). But, I’m liking it so far. Its size and ammo capacity helps free up a bunch of storage space, which is always nice.

However, I’m not crazy about the Striker’s shorter range. The pump-action shotgun was great for knocking down groups of enemies at a fairly safe distance. The Striker does the same, but much closer. However, it does more damage and has a faster firing rate.

Ditman Glitch

Another reason I went with the Striker was the infamous Ditman Glitch. You can activate a game glitch using the Striker which increases Leon’s movement and firing speed (there are a few different actions which turn it off, however).

To activate the Ditman Glitch in Resident Evil 4:

  • Equip the Striker.
  • Aim.
  • Go to the inventory before the aiming laser appears.

It’s a bit tricky to do, and it’s all about timing. But, I’ve activated the Ditman Glitch several times. I have yet to use it in a fight, but I have used it to run somewhere faster.

Live, Die, Repeat in Resident Evil 4

Can we talk about how Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live, Die, Repeat) is probably the truest video game movie ever? It’s about a character repeatedly dying and trying to advance further and further in a battle, using what he learned in his previous deaths. Just like someone playing a video game. I doubt I’m the first to make this connection.

This sums up my current run in Resident Evil 4. Leon has had a tough road, especially early in as I had to get my sea-legs back. Ashley hasn’t fared much better either, getting accidentally shot by Leon or crushed by an El Gigante plenty of times.

What’s Next?

I’m in chapter 4-3, and I’ve only ever made it to 4-1 before. After a harrowing mine ride scene, I stopped last night after getting chased (and crushed) by a giant clock-work robot. This game, man. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier.

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