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Part of my original drawing for last week’s comic.

Normally, my Foxes & Boxes behind the scenes posts are for patrons only on Patreon. However, I decided to make the post about last week’s comic a freebie and open to the public.

Why did I make one of my patrons only posts open to the public?

I wanted potential patrons to see a sample of what I’m offering over on Patreon. It is easy to become a patron and get access to all of my Foxes & Boxes behind the scenes posts, past and future. All you have to do is pledge $1 or more a month. That’s it, and you are a Blog Buddy level patron. 

For my Foxes & Boxes behind the scenes posts, I upload a scan of my original drawing for that week’s comic. This is the drawing I do on graph paper with pencil, and then go over with a red pen. Then, I write about what I changed for the final version. Sometimes there are very few changes, other times there are a lot, and I explain why I made those changes.

As an example, I wrote about how in my original drawing I drew Hammer looking Fox and Boxes in the eyes when she fired them. I changed it to having her not looking them in the eyes, because I felt it hinted how deep down she really did not want to fire them, but had to for the good of the guild’s reputation.

I also wrote about how I went back and forth about using the term ‘fired’ or not. Originally, Hammer said “you are expelled from the guild.” While this might have been more “time period appropriate” for a fantasy story, I liked the simplicity (and economy of words) of “You’re fired.” ¹

There’s more to read in the post too, such as why I decided to have Hammer’s mug say ‘#1 Grandma.’

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Please consider becoming a patron today and supporting my silly comics. And to my current patrons, thank you again for you continuing generosity.

¹ I also decided it is my fantasy world, so I can do/say whatever I want. Also, I’m not going for realistic high fantasy either.

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