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If you’ve spent any time on my websites, you know I have a Patreon to help support my comics. Is it working? Yes. I’m earning money every month from patrons. However, I would like to gain more patrons, so I added a few goals.

What is Patreon?

A quick recap for those unfamiliar with Patreon: you pledge money to me each month (at least $1) and the money goes directly to me, minus Patreon’s fees. In exchange for helping support my comic making, I offer several rewards.

  • Blog Buddy: $1 or more a month – access to my patrons only blog posts on Patreon, including all of my past and future Behind the Scenes posts.
  • Early Bird: $3 or more a month – The $1 reward, and early access to the newest Foxes & Boxes comic. Read my latest comic before anyone else.
  • $5 or more a month – The $1 and $3 rewards, and I email you a digital, print quality, black and white single character head sketch (whatever you want).
  • $10 or more a month – The $1 and $3 rewards, and I mail you a hand-written letter, with a single character inked sketch on the same page, every month.
  • $20 or more a month – The $1 and $3 rewards, and I mail you a hand-painted watercolor post card with a message on the back, every month.

(The $5 – $20 rewards trigger after I get that month’s payment and you tell me what to draw)

My First Patreon Goal

My first goal is $100 a month from patrons. If I reach this goal, every current patron, and every patron added after (as long as I’m over $100/month) gets a free PDF copy of my fantasy novel, The Magic of Eyri.

I have other goals starting at the $175 a month level and higher, but now I’m focusing on that first $100. The more patrons I get, the more I’ll do for the patrons only blog as well (I’ll be more inspired, I’m sure). I would like to do patrons only “events” on the blog too, like help me name a character for example.

Become a Patron Today

It is very easy to become one of my patrons: just click on the Become a Patron button on my Patreon page. You will have to create an account and give payment information (a credit card, usually). Then, you pick your reward level (you can even specify a different amount, and choose not to take any awards if you don’t want).

The other upside to becoming a patron is, unlike other social media websites, you will see all of my updates. You will also get an email about each of my updates. Plus, with an account, you can comment on my posts.

Also, for the original art rewards, if you want me to send the art to someone besides yourself, I’m more than happy to work out the details.

Please consider becoming a patron today and help me reach my first goal! Thank you for your generosity.

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Daniel J. Hogan is a geeky cartoonist and writer living in Michigan. Daniel is available for freelance writing and cartooning commissions (Contact Daniel). This post contains affiliate links, unless it doesn't.

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