art snacks january 2017

January’s Art Snacks selection.

As one of my Christmas presents, Stephanie got me a six-month subscription to Art Snacks. It’s a monthly service like Loot Crate, but instead of t-shirts and toys, I get art supplies.

Art Snacks: What’s In the Box?

The photo above shows January’s haul:

I really like the Twin RB+F pen and the Black Star Pencil. I haven’t used the paint and the brush much, only for the Art Snacks Challenge (read below).

RB in RB+F stands for real brush, so it has a feel like my beloved Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Inking with blue ink is a nice change of pace too.

The Koh-I-Noor Black Star is a nice, fat pencil, and as someone with large hands, it makes for a comfortable sketching pencil. I’m a big believer in sketching in ink (because you can’t correct mistakes) but there are times it’s nice to use some soft lead and go crazy (see this example on Instagram). 

If you want more info on this month’s items, watch this video.

[video link]

Art Snacks Challenge

Each month, Art Snacks challenges subscribers to use all the items in the box to create a piece of art. This is the Art Snacks Challenge, and I couldn’t resist.

What to draw though? I know I had to use neon yellow and green paint in the end, so this helped a little.

When in doubt: draw a zombie.

I sketched with the Koh-I-Noor Magnum Black Star Pencil and then inked with the brush end of the Art & Graphic Twin RB+F by ZIG.

Then it was time to add some color with the GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Paints. Now, I haven’t used acrylic paint in a long time, so it was a bit of a trial. Still, I had fun (even though watercolor is usually my weapon of choice).

If you are like me and enjoy art supplies, especially stuff you wouldn’t normally try, consider a subscription to Art Snacks. I’m looking forward to next month’s items and next month’s Art Snacks Challenge.

You can even buy January’s box on its own if you want.

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