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Look, things are pretty goofy right now, but not in a good A Goofy Movie kind of way or even a Goof Troop kind of way. Social media, while usually a good thing, isn’t helping me keep sane these days. I’m spending too much time reading and re-reading things, over and over, and letting it get in my head, where it stays trapped like a fart in a frozen car in Michigan (this is a thing).

So, I’m taking a social media break of sorts for February (maybe longer). The title of this post was going to be The Amazing 30 Day Social Media Diet, but then I remembered February isn’t 30 days long. Thanks a bunch, Pope Gregory XIII.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m sticking my head in the sand and not keeping up with news. Hardly. I just won’t be reading it on Facebook and Twitter (probably a good idea in general).

If you are used to contacting me via Facebook and Twitter, email me instead: djh [at] or use this contact form (make sure your email address is correct, or I can’t reply). Email update subscribers, you can just reply to this email too (or any other future email updates).

I’ll still post links to new comics and blog posts on the Clattertron facebook page, so don’t worry about that (not that you see them anyway, because of their stupid algorithm) and I will still get Facebook messages via the Messenger app. Really, I’m just avoiding my newsfeed and making status updates.

On the plus side, I’m hoping less time on Facebook and Twitter leads to me writing more here (as well as more time for comics) and maybe time for more things on Patreon.

From a mental health stance, this last week was rough, and Tuesday was one of my worst days (the sun not shining in Michigan for far too long didn’t help either. Happy Light, don’t fail me now!). It got bad, like delete my websites and cancel my appearances bad, and saying things on Facebook I shouldn’t bad. Thankfully my wife Stephanie helped me through it in her own delicate way (“You’re grounded. No more Facebook.”)

But, whatever I’m going through, it’s nothing compared to others who are directly affected by this past week, including a close friend of ours and her family.

Be kind everyone. Help others when and however you can.

(I think this is the first time I used fart in a blog post!) (EDIT: Nope!)

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