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What a card! Via my Instagram.

Convention season is starting up, and I decided it was time to invest in some new promotional materials: business cards. Now, I’ve done the usual business cards over the years. This time I wanted to try something different, and something in color.

I decided to give MOO Cards, specifically the MiniCards a shot for my new Foxes & Boxes business cards.

What Are MOO MiniCards?

MOO MiniCards do things a bit differently than traditional business cards: you can get smaller cards and/or cards in different shapes.

The idea is the different sizes and shapes make your MOO MiniCards stand out in a sea of traditional business cards. I’ve used MOO Cards in the past, but I remember liking how my previous batch (for my old Ginger and the Geek podcast) turned out.

I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and they look great.

Business Card Design

Creating a new business card is always a bit of a chore: what do I put on the card? Where do I put the information? Should it be two-sided or not?

And so on.

I knew I wanted color cards. It was time to make the leap. Color business cards stand out better and look more professional.

The Foxes & Boxes logo (designed for me by Steve Jencks) was a must have, as was images of the titular characters. The unique shape of MOO Cards means I had less real estate to play with, but that ended up being a good thing. I wanted my MOO MniCards to be simple with only the basic information. It’s easy to get carried away and cram too much information on a business card.

I eventually decided on the design you see in the picture above: the Foxes & Boxes logo on one side with pictures of Fox and Boxes along with basic information on the other side (saying Foxes & Boxes is a fantasy comic, my name, when it updates, and the URL for the first page).

I didn’t design my MOO MiniCards via their website, but created both sides of the cards myself in Clip Studio Paint. A Moo MiniCard template helped me make sure everything was print-safe too.

More MOO Cards to Come

I only ordered a batch of 100 MOO Cards for my first run. I’ve learned to try new things in small batches. Now that I’m happy with the result, I’ll order more.

I’ll be at the MSU Comics Forum next Saturday with my new MOO MiniCards. Stop and by and check them out.

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