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“It’s funny because it’s true!”

While I was a guest on the Montreal Sauce podcast last week (the episodes will be online in few weeks), one of the hosts, Chris, asked me what podcasts I’m listening to now. (Here’s my previous appearance)

Always a good question, that.

The short answer is, several. I could list all the podcasts I enjoy, but I decided to list the comedy podcasts I’m enjoying as of late. The state of the world has increased my hunger or need, for all things funny.

Favorite Comedy Podcasts

Here are the comedy podcasts I listen to regularly, in no particular order. Note: none of these podcasts are for young listeners (there are lots of swears!).

  • The Adventure Zone – A podcast about the three McElory brothers and their dad playing Dungeons & Dragons. It is, in a word, ridiculous. Start with the first episode. As I said on Montreal Sauce, The Adventure Zone convinced me to give Foxes & Boxes a try. Meaning, there’s an audience for silly fantasy stories and serial adventures. I had the seed of the idea of Foxes & Boxes before ever listening to the Adventure Zone, but without it I might not have ever drawn a page.
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me – Another podcast by the McElroy brothers, but this one is an ‘advice’ podcast. The goofy trio read questions found online and, well, things get silly pretty fast. I went back a year and started with the 2016 season (but there’s a lot more). For more McElroy brothers nonsense, read my post about Monster Factory.
  • The Flop House – I know the world isn’t hurting for ‘bad movie podcasts,’ but The Flop House is a favorite. I’ve been a listener for years now (and it’s where I learned about The Adventure Zone).
  • The Dollop – A history podcast and a comedy podcast combined into one. One of the hosts researches a story from American history and reads it to the other, who is hearing it for the first time. It’s a simple premise, but as both hosts are comedians, it always leads to hilarity. I’m new to The Dollop, and working my way through the back catalog. I started at the beginning, but the Ten Cent Beer Night episode is a good entry point.
  • Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazon Colossal Podcast – Interviews with actors, comedians, and writers old and young. They even interviewed Dick Van Dyke! (Yes, he’s still alive) Of all the podcasts on my list, this one gets the raunchiest, but it’s also super funny and full of great stories about ‘old Hollywood.’

This is by no means a complete list, but just a list of what’s in heavy rotation on my trusty iPod Classic at the moment. Go and listen!

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