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Arts Night Out this Friday! Image via Piper & Gold.

This Friday evening is Arts Night Out in Lansing’s Old Town. My wife Stephanie and I are selling our art at Piper & Gold Public Relations. Joining us is another local artist, Briana McNamara. Art all around!

What is Arts Night Out?

Arts Night Out is a free, family friendly event focused on showcasing local artists at local businesses in Lansing’s Old Town. Think of it as a gallery walk, but where every participating business acts as an art gallery. Several Old Town businesses are participating. You can learn more at

When Is Arts Night Out?

The first Arts Night Out of 2017 is this Friday, May 5th at 5 PM until 8 PM.

Where Will Our Art Be Displayed?

You can find Stephanie and I at Piper & Gold Public Relations, at 313 ½ e. Grand River Ave in Lansing, Michigan. It is right next to Pablo’s, a delightful Mexican restaurant in Old Town (and a personal favorite. Get the torta). Weather permitting, we will be outside in the alley just next to Piper & Gold. You can’t miss us! Plan B is inside the P&G offices.

Piper & Gold is providing refreshments, and I imagine other businesses will do the same.

What Are We Selling at Arts Night Out?

I’m selling my usual cartoony fun stuff:

  • Prints: I’ll have two new cartoon prints, like Mecha Kitty, along with fresh copies of old favorites.
  • Stickers: My usual collection of stickers, with a few new Foxes & Boxes designs thrown in.
  • Buttons: I ordered a fresh batch of buttons from Pinback Buttons, featuring Foxes & Boxes logos and some cartoon art.
  • Comics: My Foxes & Boxes mini-comic (collecting the first three pages), in color. Copies of my Hourly Comics collection from last year (which are comics you cannot read online) are also available.
  • Coloring Books: A few remaining copies of my 2016 coloring book (I did not make a new one this year).

Due to Piper & Gold Public Relations’ generosity, I am doing FREE random cartoon commissions all evening (until 8 PM or my hand falls off). The drawings are 5” x 7” and inked (black and white).

Roll the dice and I whip up a funny cartoon for you based on the result. For free!

Stephanie is selling prints of her paintings and I believe a few originals as well. This is Stephanie’s first time selling her art at an event. Hooray!

If you live in Lansing, please come see us at Arts Night Out at Piper & Gold Public Relations this Friday night, 5 PM to 8 PM!

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