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I decided to up my stickers game recently and ordered a batch from As someone who draws a lot of colorful cartoon characters, stickers are a great item to sell in artist alley at comic conventions. They’re easy to transport, don’t take up a lot of table space, and are colorful eye-catchers.

The Old: Home Made Stickers

Stickers are a steady seller for me in artist alley. They’re easy to make and I can sell them for cheap (lately 2 individual stickers for $1). I was making my own at home: I bought sheets of sticker paper for my printer and cut them out myself.

Made some #FoxesAndBoxes stickers to try out at MSU Comics Forum on Saturday.

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The sticker sheets were a single sheet, so I could cut out stickers in any shape I wanted. This worked pretty well for the last few years, but I decided it was time to level up. 

The New: Stickers From

While my ‘made at home’ stickers offered a lot of variety, they very much looked ‘made at home.’ In the interest of trying to look more professional, it was time to order some ‘real’ stickers. (Also, printer ink is expensive and it’s also difficult for me to factor that into my costs when making stickers. Cutting out my own stickers is a pain too).

As luck had it, (makers of my new Foxes & Boxes cards) was in the middle of a sale. I easily created my sticker designs using MOO’s interface: I uploaded different pictures and adjusted them as needed. Most of my stickers are the same files I used for my new buttons (made by Pinback Buttons here in Lansing). My new stickers are actually a bit bigger than my buttons (1.5” vs. 1.25”).

How Did My Stickers Turn Out?

I love these stickers! They are all bright colors, glossy, and most importantly, the same shape. I’m sure they will hold up better to wear and tear compared to my homemade stickers too.

My new stickers come on sheets, with four stickers to a sheet. The designs are arranged randomly across the different sheets. At the moment, I’m planning on selling the sheets, not individual stickers (a customer gets four stickers at once). The sheets do tear apart vertically easily enough, but they don’t tear horizontally.

I could cut the sheets and sell solo stickers, but I like the idea of selling the sticker sheets. At least for now. It will be a while before I get to sell these stickers, because my next appearance isn’t until August (Capital City Comic Con).

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