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Listen to my voice!

You can now listen to both parts of my appearance on the Montreal Sauce Podcast.

Here is Part One and here is Part Two.

Clear your schedule, because it’s a good couple of hours of listening to me chat about making comics and owning a house. Sure, the conversation wanders a bit, but that’s part of the fun, honestly.

I always enjoy the chance to chat with Chris and Paul, the hosts of Montreal Sauce (and their other podcast I appear on, Film Frown). Paul, Chris, and I all went to the same college, Grand Valley State University, and met in the film production program. Chris and I worked together at the School of Communications, and I even appeared in one of Paul’s film projects.

It’s fun to chat with guys I’ve known for over ten years, but don’t get to see too often. Paul lives near Grand Rapids and Chris is up over in Edmonton (Canada, not Michigan). Luckily enough, I did get to see Chris about a year ago when he was visiting family in Michigan.

In these days of social media, I do keep in touch with old friends via comments and gifs, but it is rare I hear their voices, or even see them in person. That’s how it is. Social media is OK, but it’s a hollow experience at times when it comes to talking with friends. A poor substitute for being in the same room, but one does what they can until teleporting is a real thing.

Of course, I could make more of an effort to go see people. Heck, I have friends here in town I haven’t seen in far too long. (Amusingly enough, when I had my weekly podcast, I saw friends a lot more often, because they were usually guests)

Regular readers will remember I’m a heavy listener of podcasts myself. Here’s a list of some of my favorite comedy podcasts.

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