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My hands are pretty. PRETTY ROUGH. Watch below!

I‘m trying to up my video output these days. Video is the thing on social media, according to what I learned at a recent workshop. There’s no reason I shouldn’t do more video, especially since it’s a) something I have a college degree in and b) it’s what I do for my day job.

So! Here’s a video I shot of making thank you cards to include with prints at Capital City Comic Con this weekend. I originally shot this live on Instagram, so that’s why it is vertical video.

Skip to about the 50 second mark for I actually start writing and drawing (Instagram encourages you to wait while they alert your followers you are “live”).

I have a few other videos on the Clattertron Facebook page you can watch too.

Shooting video is easier now that I have a tripod mount for my phone, and one of those octopus table-top tripod thingies (yes, that’s the technical term).

Here’s the mount I use:

smartphone tripod mount

Ulanzi Tripod Mount, image via Amazon

It works well for vertical and horizontal video, and it easily adjusts to any size phone, even if it’s in a case (like mine). I can use it with a regular tripod and with my table-top one.

Here’s the table-top tripod I use:

smartphone tripod

KobraTech Mini Cell Phone Tripod – TriFlex Mini, image via Amazon.

The included mount isn’t great for vertical video, which is what Instagram and Facebook Live seem to prefer (because it looks better on the apps). It’s fine for horizontal video, however. The tripod itself works well, and can double as a mono-pod (or poor man’s selfie-stick).

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