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You can now read all of my current Foxes & Boxes comic pages on Line Webtoon. It took me a bit, but I got all of the 60+ pages uploaded.

What is Line Webtoon?

Line Webtoon is a webcomic syndicate, aka “a place to read a bunch of webcomics.” It is not only a website, but also an app. Yes, that’s right: you can read my Foxes & Boxes comics on the Line Webtoon app (Android, iPhone, iPad).

Why Am I Posting My Comics on Line Webtoon?

This isn’t the early 2000s. New readers don’t always go out looking for new websites. They get a lot of their content via social media and other aggregates. Line Webtoon has a *huge* audience of comic readers. It’s a matter of going where the readers are.

Yes, I prefer readers visit for my comics, because then I can actually make money off ads and affiliate links (or better still, Patreon). But, I’m realistic. You’re lucky if you can get readers out of the walled garden of Facebook these days. This is the state of the internet in 2018.

Line Webtoon is a comic dedicated service. Unlike Tumblr, Facebook, or even Instagram, readers are on Line Webtoon to read comics.

What Are the Perks?

The built-in audience is a huge perk. It’s good to post my comics on Facebook and the like, but posting it on a site/app designed for comics makes a lot of sense. Also, my comic links directly to my Patreon account. Readers on Line Webtoon can easily become a patron via the app or site.

If your readership is high enough, you can get money from Line Webtoon. I’m nowhere near that level yet, however.

What About Creator Rights?

I was on a different syndicate site last year, but then they changed their terms of service. The rewritten ToS were really murky, and scary in some regards. So, I jumped ship and deleted all of my comics. #sorrynotsorry

Line Webtoon’s ToS were pretty straightforward: I grant them limited rights to publish my comics on their site and app. It looked OK to me, and it helped there are some cartoonists I recognized using the service.

So Far, So Good?

Yes, I think so. My experience is positive so far. I currently have 41 subscribers, and 3200+ page views. It did help I was uploading pages daily to get caught up, so my growth could be a bit slower going forward. I also have almost 200 “Likes” spread across the different pages. The “Likes” seem to be an important metric for the site (which can be said about any social media site, really). Foxes & Boxes currently has a 6.67 (out of 10) rating, which I would like to see go up. But hey! It’s not 0.67!

I’m also getting commenters, which thankfully have been all positive.

What’s Next?

I’ll keep uploading new Foxes & Boxes pages to Line Webtoon for now. I do think it is a neat service, and I have found a few comics I enjoy reading myself. I recommend trying the app. It lets you know when a comic updates, and it’s easy to like/comment/subscribe through it as well.

If you decide to start reading Foxes & Boxes on Line Webtoon, make sure to like, rate, and subscribe! It does help a bunch. Go ahead and comment there too, if you want.

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