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Jul 17Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Portable Drawing Powerhouse
Jul 16Wacom Cintiq: The Drawing Tablet Gold Standard
Jul 15Motion Computing LE1700: A Portable, Affordable Drawing Tablet
Jul 10Free Shipping on Shirts, Prints, and More Through Sunday!
Jul 8Commission: Watercolor Cartoon Cat Math Professor
Jul 1Merch Alert! No Filter Fox T-Shirts Now Available!
Jun 24Commission: The Terror of Mechaplatypus
Jun 17Li’l Chewie T-shirts and Prints Now Available
Jun 14Caturday Photo: Rags T. Cat Watches The Dark Knight Rises
Jun 11Chocolate Quest Comic Books On Sale Now!
Jun 10Re-Reading Favorite Comics, Thanks to My Library
Jun 4Buy My Watercolor Sketch Cards via Storenvy
Jun 3Cherry Capital Comic Con Artist Alley Recap
May 23See Me at Cherry Capital Comic Con This Weekend
May 21Cute, Adorable Things From My Dark, Tangled Mind
May 16Sketch Card Preview: Ico the Dolphin
May 8Project Ico, Part 5: The End
May 6Free Comic Book Day 2014 Recap
May 3Free Comic Book Day Today!
May 2Friday Six: Sharing Buttons, Godzilla, FCBD, Star Wars, Ico, Chrono Trigger
May 1Project Ico, Part 4: Almost There
Apr 30May the Fourth Be With You: Star Wars Day is This Weekend
Apr 29Free Comic Book Day is This Saturday! See Me at Clem’s Comics & Games in Lansing
Apr 26Caturday Photo: Nigel and Rags Play With Yarn
Apr 24Project Ico, Part 3: Big and Tall
Apr 23New Prints and Merch in My Society6 Store
Apr 22SPACE Recap, Part 2: The Good, The Silly, and The Funny
Apr 18Project Ico, Part 2: Take My Hand, Leave the Camera
Apr 16SPACE Recap, part 1: Artist Alley Business
Apr 15Post SPACE Quick Hits
Apr 9Artist Alley Merch: Comic Books, Stickers, and Sketch Cards
Apr 8Comic Show Ahoy: SPACE is This Weekend
Apr 2Project Ico, Part 1: First Thoughts
Apr 1Rags T. Cat Helps Us Play Scrabble
Mar 30The Cats Missed Me
Mar 26Amazon Enigmas: April Fool’s Day
Mar 25Behind the Scenes: Generation Gap
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Mar 19Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 18Stephanie is Worried About my Watercolor Cartoons
Mar 14Cat vs. Bristol Board
Mar 12Pen Showdown: Pilot Precise V5 vs. Uniball Jetstream 0.7
Mar 11Cats Watching TV
Mar 8Caturday Photo: Rags Snuggles a Giant Mickey Mouse Doll
Mar 7$5 Off and Free Shipping in My Society6 Store This Weekend!
Mar 5Cartooning with Watercolor Paint
Mar 4Amazon Enigmas: Giant Gummi Bears, Gummi Worms, and Candy
Mar 1Caturday Photo: Rags Helps Me Ink a Comic Strip
Feb 27MSU Comics Forum Recap: Artist Alley
Feb 26Harold Ramis
Feb 25MSU Comics Forum Recap: Stan Sakai’s Keynote Address
Feb 22See Me at the MSU Comics Forum Today!
Feb 21Stan Sakai Keynote Address tonight; Artist Alley Tomorrow; Cat Photos; Budget Bytes; Brothers A Tale of Two Sons; Olympic Hockey (Friday Six)
Feb 19Death Race 2000 and Grilled Cheese: Our Valentine’s Day Tradition Continues
Feb 18Mini-Comics, Helper Kitties, and Coffee Stout (Photos)
Feb 16Chocolate Quest Mini-Comic Test (Photo)
Feb 14Pixel Heart Mug; BioShock; Cats; Inking Comics (Friday Six)
Feb 12Amazon Enigmas: Valentine’s Day Chocolates
Feb 5Gifts For My Best Man: Cool As Ice on DVD and a Thor Statue
Feb 4Society6 Merch Review: Coffee Mug and Android Phone Case
Jan 31SPACE Bound: Exhibiting at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo in Columbus, Ohio
Jan 28Our Cats Love Boxes (Photos)
Jan 25Why I Carry a Field Sketch Book and Pen (Photo)
Jan 24Friday Six is Ready For Dream Time, Mr. Bubbles
Jan 23Merch Alert! Free Worldwide Shipping on Society6 Thru Sunday!
Jan 22Cat Watch Update: Rags Loves Nigel and Bags of Yarn (Video, Photo)
Jan 21Stan Sakai’s MSU Comics Forum Poster
Jan 10Friday Six What Your Mama Gave Ya
Jan 8Art Class Treasures in Quotation Marks
Jan 3My 2014 NHL Winter Classic Misadventure
Jan 1NHL Winter Classic Bound aka Stephanie’s Plan Not to Hear Me Make Fun of the Rose Bowl