[dcT[/dc]he Skunky Bunch, Left to Right: Jamz, Lipz, Skidz, and The Doo. If only more companies froze their best employees after winning some manner of award–you can’t disagree with winners.

The Furby Repair gag went through a few revisions. First it was Banjo Repair. Then I wanted it to be Beanie Baby Repair, but it wouldn’t fit. So, I ran through a mental list of 1990s ‘gotta have it’ toys and remembered the Furby.

Also, I never thought I would have to draw a moose with a six-pack. Ah, comics.

You will notice that The Doo (last skunk on the right) is wearing overalls with one strap hanging down. I don’t miss that fashion statement AT ALL.

Actually, there is very little I miss about the 1990s. Well, except for the fourth season of The Simpsons. That season is boss.

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