“What is best in life?”

“Unfriend your enemies! See their fixies ridden before you! Read the lamentations on their t-shirts!”


The inspiration for this comic was a recent game of Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Seriously.

I was playing as the Mongols, and I messed around with the map settings before starting the game–long story short, there weren’t any horses near my starting place or anywhere else close. What’s the point of playing as the Mongols if you don’t have access to the horses strategic resource? (for your Normals: the Mongols get bonuses for mounted units)

I quickly realized, there is nothing sadder than a Mongol without a horse, and the idea for this comic strip soon followed. For some reason, my mind immediately jumped to ‘penny-farthings,’ even though they weren’t on the scene until over 600 years later. Hence the title: Anachronism Khan.

Speaking of the Khanster, I watched the film Mongol a few years ago and found it rather enjoyable. How accurate it was in terms of history, I cannot say, but it was a well made film. If you prefer your modern representations of Genghis Khan a bit more on the lighter side, there is always Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

The crazy lines in the third panel are my attempt at ‘manga speed lines.’ Next time, I might just do those in post, but it was fun to try ‘em out.

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