If there is one thing I love, perhaps more than reading ALF fan fiction, it is reading animal facts. Observant Raptor returns with a new edition of Animal Facts (here’s the first), with a Fun Fact about alligators. Animal trivia is always a fun read, especially weird animal trivia.

Speaking of weird animal trivia, I made a sketch card inspired by the first animal facts comic.

sketch card


Look for this as a t-shirt and other stuff in my store soon.

Alligators are fun animals. Not to be confused with crocodiles though, which Stephanie and I saw plenty of on our Wild Africa Trek at Disney World.

wild africa trek disney

Crocodile, not an alligator. Photo by me, and taken with my 55-250mm lens.

I had another comic paneled and planned for today, a longer comic, but Free Comic Book Day weekend wore me out, so it will have to wait. Free Comic Book Day went great, and I plan on a full recap–probably for tomorrow.

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