This (more or less) sums up my existence as an NHL fan in Lansing. If’n it ain’t MSU football or basketball, no one cares. The amusing thing is, most of my follow NHL fans in town are transplants like myself. Although, I realize there are people who watch NHL games, and then there is me. I’m probably the only person in the tri-county area concerned about the Edmonton Oilers having the first overall pick for the third season in a row–or who even knows.

Seriously though, having three number one picks (Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Nail Yakupov) on one team would be fascinating, to say the least. Via the linked Puck Daddy article above by Greg Wyshynski:

The last time the same team had the top pick in three consecutive NHL Drafts? The Quebec Nordiques from 1989-1991, selecting Mats Sundin, Owen Nolan and the soon-to-be-traded Eric Lindros.

Also: referencing the NHL Draft and 2001/2010 in the same comic makes me a huge geek. But, was there any doubt about that?


I actually bumped this strip up. I wanted to run it the week of the NHL Draft, but there are rumors the Oilers might trade their first overall pick, and thus ruin my joke. How dare they. I’m happy I decided to go for the all-black middle panels. I was just inspired, and went with it. If I do something like that again, I might do the fills in Photoshop–filling all of that in with my Micron Brush pen took some time. Not happy with how the hands turned out. Or the necks. Eep.

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