Hey, Insta Adams, quit Gramin’ and pay attention! Yer pals just got Defender’d! For the record, Photo’d and Defender’d are totally cromulent words.


Another, Inspired by Real Life joke. After failing to snap a photo of a reflection on a pint glass, Steph remarked, “Oh, it must be in Vampire Mode.” Hilarious! At least I thought so, and that is enough to warrant a comic, pal.

A perk to drawing and inking these comics on paper: I can do these tasks out of doors. I inked this comic at Hawk Island park here in Lansing, and finished it up on my balcony later in the day. Not bad for a Sunday. Or for a human.

You know what is bad for a human though? Drawing a smartphone that would probably be the size of a tablet in real life, if not larger. Practice.

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