The Cat Hockey League has a storied history, even though the “Original Six” name is a bit of a misnomer–like the National Hockey League’s “Original Six.”

This comic is the result of Steph and I talking while I watched a Detroit Red Wings game. We got on the subject of team mascots, and saw Nigel, our cat, playing with a few of his toys. The conversation quickly turned to names of possible cat hockey teams, and it was all down hill from there.

The Ponytail Holders Under the Bed name and logo drew inspiration from Nigel himself. Nigel is prone to stealing Steph’s own ponytail holders and stashing them, yes, under the bed. The same goes for the Birds Singing Outside the Window and the Unattended Tuna Sandwiches. Warmer weather brought birds to the trees outside our windows, and Nigel goes bonkers watching them.

I also learned this week not to leave any tuna, sandwich or otherwise, unattended on our coffee table. I set down a plate of tuna, turned to grab my drink, only to return mere seconds before Nigel was nose deep in my lunch.


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