Here is Chocolate Quest part 2. Part 1 ran last week. Parts 3 and 4 will run the next two weeks. But! If you come see me at the MSU Comics Forum this Saturday (Michigan State University, Snyder/Phillips Hall, East Lansing, MI, 11 AM to 5 PM, free admission), you can buy a mini-comic with all four parts and see the end of story early. Mini-comics will be $1, and I’ll have a few other minis for sale too (and I will be selling sketches).

Update: Buy the limited edition Chocolate Quest comic book!

If you are free this Friday evening, I highly recommend attending Stan Sakai’s keynote address at the MSU Comics Forum (also free!), 7 PM, Snyder/Phillips Hall. Sakai is best known for his long running Usagi Yojimbo comic book series (which I love).
I filled in panels two – five using a paint brush and Speedball ink, not with my usual brush pens. Sure, it was something I could have done in about two minutes in Photoshop, but I wanted to try using a brush–and I don’t always like how fills look in Photoshop.

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