Here we have the second appearance of No Filter Fox, joined by a redesigned Observant Raptor–also making her second appearance. A real exchange I had with Steph inspired the ‘coffee went right through me’ gag, although in my case it was an orange, and it wasn’t a ghost (what a boring life I lead). Observant Raptor had the same reaction as Steph. I came up with the idea for Coffee Ghost later, as I figured a spectral cup of coffee would be funny. And because I’m a weirdo.

While I drew Coffee Ghost, Steph gave some suggestions: “He looks too mean,” she said of my original drawing. “And he doesn’t have ghost eyes.” Which was true, Coffee Ghost’s eyes looked nothing like those of Guilt Trip Ghost’s (originally, Coffee Ghost had angled, ‘angry eyes’). A quick erase here and there, and Coffee Ghost had a new set of long, round eyes–which I enjoyed much more.

I played around with a halftone effect again, but decided to just use it on Coffee Ghost. I’m trying not to overuse the halftone look, which is easy to do when you first learn a new trick. I colored Coffee Ghost outside the lines on purpose, to add to his weirdness.

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