Yes, some seem to think Wolverine is a fan of the University of Michigan based on his appearance and name, but he’s really an Ohio State fan. Sure, why not?

If today’s joke upsets you, due to whatever your college football leanings, then please reevaluate your life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Speaking of hockey, the sports bar here supports the Chubby Wounded Squirrels. Go Chubbs!

I drew today’s comic on Bristol board, my first time doing so. Normally, I draw comics on sketchbook paper, but I decided to ‘level up’ a bit. Drawing and inking on Bristol is a different feeling–the pencil/pen moves smoothly across the surface. My workflow for drawing a comic changed over the past few months–heck, even over the past couple weeks.

In the beginning, I just drew a comic in my sketchbook at a table or desk (I didn’t even use a ruler at first, and it shows). Nothing fancy. For today’s, I cut the Bristol board to the size I needed (the full sheet won’t fit on my scanner), drew the panel with a T-square (a recent purchase), and taped the piece of Bristol to my make-shift drawing table (I have a TV tray thing I can angle like a real drawing table).

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