Yes, Anachronism Khan is back, baby. And this time, he’s got four wheels (but no microphone. Yet). He is also a regular user of the You Only Live Once hashtag on Twitter.


Anachronism Khan went through a bit of a redesign for this strip (not that I really draw characters the same way twice to begin with). I picked up a cartooning book over the weekend, and used some of the principles it taught for this strip (such as character design and composition). As a result, this is one of my favorite strips for the past year. I’ve come a long way since my first strip last Spring, and I’m excited to see what 2013 brings (just hoping it is not an ape uprising).

Google Image Search came in handy once again. I needed a reference photo for Anachronism Khan’s car, and while my rendering isn’t the greatest, is worlds better than if I had not looked at a photo. I also nearly drew a European style castle in the third panel, before I realized I should look up something more geographically appropriate.

Granted, there is nothing geographically, historically, or linguistically appropriate about a sign in English on the Mongolian steppe circa the 1200s AD, but whatever.

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